Cross Florida Route 40 Romp


The 2016 edition will be held March 19,20 with the Days Inn, Crystal River,2380 NW Hwy 19, Crystal River, FL 34428 being the packet pickup point again.

The run is open to solo runners and two person relays. The solo runners can be either crewed or unassisted but the unassisted runners will have to show they have done this type of run before since there will be check points, not aid stations, along the way.

The course starts at the boat ramp and head towards Yankeetown on the only road out there, County Road 40. At the intersection of County Road 40 and 40A turn right(east). Stay on County Road 40 through Yankeetown and Inglis, waving at the gawkers if you are in the mood. You will come up to the intersection of State Roads 19/98 and continue east on 40. Keep hoofing it and, just outside of Dunnellon, Route 336 will join 40.

These routes will become Cedar Street and head south until you come to Pennsylvania Avenue where you will turn left and head East for about two blocks. Then you will turn left,again, onto Route 41 and head North. After you finish your round of golf at the Rainbow Springs Golf & Country Club continue North to Rainbow Springs Blvd, which is the beginning of State Route 40.

Before you know it you will come to Ocala. Route 40 is Silver Springs Blvd. West Silver Springs Blvd will become East Silver Springs Blvd and start heading northeast to, you guessed it, Silver Springs.

Continue East on Route 40 to the town of Lynne. You are in Ocala National Forest country now and will be for quite a stretch.

Just as you are about to leave the forest you’ll pass through Astor.

Next stop is Barberville and another long section to I-95 and Timber Creek Plaza.

Route 40 is called W. Granada Blvd so follow it, pass across U.S.1, the causeway, after which Granada becomes East Granada Blvd, and stop to say “hi!” at the corner of S. Atlantic Avenue(A1A) and Grenada. This is where the timing stops but you are not finished. Cross A1A, go up the ramp and down to the beach. Dip you toes in the Atlantic and you have finished.

Directions To The Start Of The Route 40 Romp

  • Get on I-75 and head towards Ocala. Take the Route 40 Exit to the west, heading towards Dunnellon.
  • Just above Dunnellon the road deadends into Route 41. Turn left andhead South to Dunnellon.
  • Go through Dunnellon and, where the roads splits with N. Florida Avenue bearing left and W. Dunnellon Road bearing right, go to your right.
  • Follow to N. Suncoast Blvd(Rtes19/98) and turn right, heading to Inglis.
  • Once in Inglis turn left onto CR 40 and follow through both Inglis and Yankeetown.
  • West of Yankeetown the road scatters several ways. You can get on SE Allen Park Road, SE 193rd Place, 63rd Street, or CA 40. Bear left onto CA 40 and follow to the end. Park near the pavilions on your right. The start will be at the boat launch.