Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail Run


The 2019 edition of LOST, to be held on February 16,17 and will be run around the entire Lake. We will start the same place as last year(where Rte 441 intersects 78) and run to the West, to Camp Okie-Tantie, then continue South, past Indian Prairie Canal, Harney Pond, and Lakeport, to Nicodemus Slough.  Follow the dike to Moore Haven, where you will drop down from the dike and run through town to cross a HUGE bridge. On the other side of the bridge you will, again, get on the dike and continue to Joe’s Fish Camp and Clewiston. Here you will come off the dike. Here Jorge Soto and sons will have an aid station and Cuban coffee for your pleasure. Restrooms are located here. Follow the markings out of the rest area to S. Francisco Street then over to the Corps of Engineers access to the dike. Now you continue on the dike to South Bay where you, finally, head North and follow the dike until Paul Rardin Park. It is under construction so we will drop you off the dike onto a road that leads to a sidewalk. Turn left on the sidewalk(it doesn’t go right) and follow up to the Park, enter it then access the dike again just past the construction. Hopefully there will be no more reasons to drop off the dike until you get to Port Mayaca, where you come off the dike, go over the HUGE bridge, then return to the dike. Follow up to Nubbin Slough, where we drop off the dike and go on the road to Taylor’s Creek. Up on the dike and run the last two miles to the finish. Congratulations!

The Herbert Hoover dike goes around the entire lake and its height allows for excellent views and vistas. The trail has a number of access points,can be used year round and provides excellent opportunities for bird watching, fishing and photography. Drinking water is available on, or adjacent to the LOST.

When you sign up I will be sending emails with more information plus a crew guide(it is quite a different journey for them).